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You want it. You know you do.
April 2nd, 2009 - Don
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You know you want it.You’ve got your iPod. I’ve seen you on the bus with it. You’ve got it out and you’re showing everyone how totally with-it you are, and that you can totally afford the newest rage in telephony and portable whoozit-whatzit-whiz-bang-bing-bong. I’ve got one too! 

But there’s always been something missing.

You’ve got your calorie countering app, your dice rolling app, the app that tells you those funny little quotes and that one that is like Breakout only you control it with your fingers; there is space there, though, that you want to fill.

And you want to fill it with charity.

No, we don’t have a donation app – not yet – we have robots working on that. What we DO have is a website (you’re on it right now) that was designed to render like fresh pancakes on your iPhone. Fresh pancakes are awesome.

Once you visit us on your iPhone, add a link to us on your iPhone home screen. We’ve designed this neat little icon to spice up your life. It won’t let you see into the future or ride sandworms, but it will let you help get kids into robotics which may, eventually, lead to you seeing into the future and riding sandworms. I make no promises; I make only smiles.

Hey, that one app where you spend $1,000 to get a little picture of a diamond never taught kids how to build robots. If it did, that’d be 40 kids covered – 8 full workshops!! 

And we’re giving you our little picture for free.

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